Women of Thunder

Here’s to the women of thunder.

Here’s to the women who leave the room in rumbling applause,
And to the women who seem silent till BOOM- They’ve changed your life in an instance.
To the women who can tear you apart in a single look,
And the women who can build you up with a few words.
To the women with vaginas and those without but still identify.
To the women with no hair, all the hair, and as much hair as they damn well please.
To the women with thunder thighs and those with a thigh gap,
And to the women who just don’t give a shit.

Here’s to the women who want to rule and to the woman who wish to stay in the shadows,
Both of equal power and both able to make their mark on the world.
To the women who cover their heads and to the women who bear their breasts.
Both who have the right to their bodies and can do whatever they want.

Here’s to all the things women should have:
To having fun and having fundamental rights,
To having an education without fearing for your life,
To wearing whatever you want without being attacked,
To being able to walk down the street without being stalked or harassed.
Here’s to having control over your body and having no man sign your rights away,
To being able to speak your mind without being ridiculed,
To wanting to have children or wanting not to have children and that being end of discussion,
To being CEOs and powerful leaders without being named a bitch or compared to a man.

Here’s to the men in our lives,
Because whilst this may not be about you,
It cannot be achieved without you.
So here’s to our brothers and our fathers,
To our partners and our friends.

Here’s to our grandmothers and our mothers,
To our sisters and our aunties,
To our soul sisters and our BFFs.
To every other mentor and female whose built us up along the way.
Here’s to the earth shakers and the child bearers,
To the musicians and the nurses,
To the scientists and the politicians.
To the women who’ve paved the way for their daughters,
Who’ve created a legacy and movement that is still so dearly needed.

Here’s to the women of this generation.
My fellow women of thunder,
The end is in sight.
It is within our grasp,
Just in reach of our manicured or stress bitten nails.

It is just over the horizon.
It just after this storm that we still seem to be in the middle of.
Remember that the thing people always seem to talk about after a storm,
Is the wicked thunder and the defining lightning that carried throughout.

So be the women of thunder.
Roar across the land,
Make your mark.
Be the woman you want to be,
As this girl can and you are a lady and without you the world would be nothing.
Be nasty, be sweet, be defining, be kind, be everything you want to be and more.
As we are fierce,
And we are loved,
And we sure aren’t afraid to strike.

Here’s to the women of thunder. 🌩


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