39990 ft

(A thing I wrote whilst flying to Singapore about a week ago)

I don’t actually think I’ve ever felt more at ease than I do now: 39990 ft above ground, flying over Uluru, spread over three chairs, with a crying baby and dark cabin lit up by in-flight entertainment and glistening lights to create the illusion of stars.

Over the last few years, I’ve tended to dread flying. Being 6”1 and an avid traveller is a curse as you’re doomed to hours of cramped spaces and being confined to a chair that most definitely doesn’t provide enough leg space. And sometimes, sometimes, you have a person in front of you who’s unaware of the giant sitting behind them, or is fully aware and doesn’t care, and they move their seat back, causing even less space.

But sometimes you have an amazing experience and a fairly empty aircraft and some stellar staff who make sure you have the best flight ever – and so far this has been the best.

Now that may be down to Emirates being a fantastic airline.

They are really the best. At least the best I’ve ever flown with and I have about 20 years of flying experience under my belt.

And I’m saying all this even with the totally mortifying moment when signing me up to be a part of the Emirates flight club, the flight attendant asked why I was using the child headphones. I didn’t think my already sunburnt cheeks could get any redder.

So my feeling of ease may be to some nice surroundings… But I honestly think that it’s because for the first time in the 8 months of this preparing for exchange journey I know I’ve made the right choice.

Not only am I currently flying to my childhood home (hello Singapore and nostalgia), but I’m flying towards the next chapter of my life. So, so cheesy. I know. But I needed to confirm in cheese-filled words that I’m happy and excited and are no longer a plateau of stress.



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